Minsk International Model United Nations

is a four-day simulation of the United Nations for students from different educational institutions, which takes place In November each year in the City of Minsk. Thisstudents themselves originate from different countries! The MINTMUN conference runs under the ages of the Office for Initiatives Promotion, NGO 


What events are held within the MINTMUN conference

  • "Home" conference in Minsk
  • MINTMUN Outgoing
  • Trainings
  • MUN Workshops
  • Summer academies for youth and youth workers in the field of diplomacy


What you can gain from participating in MINTMUN?

  • The level of proficiency in business English is improving
  • Improve your skills in effective negotiations
  • Expand your knowledge in the field of socio-economic geography and international relations
  • Meet new friends
  • Overcome your fears and become self-confident!


All of this can be found on MINTMUN:

  • Business and academic English
  • Ambassadors and UN organs Representatives meetings
  • Useful acquaintances
  • International relations


MINTMUN is realised under the aegis of NGO "Office for Initiatives Promotion"
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